How Do I Use It?

how to use easybike

No need to worry because the use of the system is easy and is completed in a few simple steps.

  • Choose the bike you want and push the button corresponding to the lock the bike is. The display is activated
  • You approach the electronic card EasyBike just below the screen
  • The card is recognized and the lock opens. You can release the bike and start your ride

  • To return a bike at the rental station just choose a free position, push the button corresponding to the lock and put the bike into the lock. The identity of the bike is automatically recognized and the lock is locked.

CAUTION: Before you leave the bike confirmed that the bike has been recognized by the system and is locked securely. If for some reason the bike is not recognized by the system, the lock after a few seconds opens and the bicycle is no longer insured while being charged to you.

Proper use of the system is important for you and for others. With a bicycle system in good condition, you will always have in your city an additional means of transport available at low cost to move with speed and economy to your destination.